36 thoughts on “Fat Head is on Hulu!

  1. Bullinachinashop

    Only works from the US.

    I was wondering about that. We’ll have the non-US DVD ready in another 7-10 days, then at some point I’ll figure out how to put it on iTunes or other services overseas.

  2. Ray - Pure Spontaneity

    My sister is the only person that actually looks at my humble blog, but I guarantee she will click on the link I posted. Congrats, its about time because I actually sent a email as a Hulu Plus member after seeing some blatant spurlock promotion that they carry Fat Head. Thanks for all you do.

    I’ll happily take postings on one-reader blogs, thanks.

  3. Slade

    The bonus interviews are missing, right? That would still be a selling point for the DVDs. That part about dog food was great. Now buy the DVD to find out what I’m talking about. 🙂

    Yup, the bonus interviews are only on the full DVD. Nearly 40 extra minutes of the experts talking about various topics.

  4. mezzo

    Yep – doesn’t work in Europe. Good job I got the DVD as soon as it was published. However – it’s great that this excellent film is now available to so many people and I sincerely hope that all LC-Bloggers will put a link on their pages! It’s very good of you Tom to make it available free of charge. Such generosity is rare these days.

    We’ll eventually find a way to make it available online overseas as well. It’s all a lot trickier than I would’ve thought. Local jurisdiction rules come into play, apparently.

  5. RobR

    Congratulations Tom.

    If the internet has taught me anything, its that giving away your product for free can paradoxically increase your sales dramatically. Doing so increased Monty Python DVD sales 23000%.


    If there is a way to get a link to your website on Hulu that would be fantastic. Even barring that I expect your sales to increase dramatically via Googling.

    I’m sure you’re right; it’s mostly a matter of getting the word around about the film. Once people see it, a high proportion of them order two or three copies to give away as gifts.

  6. Ailu

    Glad to see you are on Hulu! Oddly, your DVD is still showing up as “not available” in my Netflix queue, even though I once rented it from them. No problem, tho. I bought the video, and have been showing it to friends and family. My Momma has finally taken the advice and quit wheat and sugar! Her health has changed dramatically. Although 71, she is again running all over the place… volunteering, going to the gym, traveling. I call her my teenage Mom now. LOL

    Outstanding news about your mom!

    I’m not sure what’s up with Netflix. It was available, then gone, then available, then gone. The same company that made a deal with Hulu is supposed to be working on Netflix Instant Play soon, providing we draw viewers on Hulu.

  7. Ellex

    Yeeeeeee!!!! Awesomeawesomeawesome!!! I promise I’ll buy a dvd as soon as it’s in the budget but in the meantime yay for streaming video!!!


  8. princessconsuela

    YES!! I’ve been wanting to buy the DVD since I first heard about it, but paying our bills takes priority. Unfortunately. I’ll still buy the movie when finances allow, but I’m so excited that I can watch it online in the meantime! 😀

    Enjoy. I’m glad it’s available for people to check out.

  9. Emily Deans, M.D.

    I’m watching Fathead with my 3 year old. That night at 1 am when you pretended to have chest pain after eating a Hardees double burger (or whatever), my daughter said. “Mama, did he die?”

    I said, “No.”

    That’s funny. I appreciate her concern.

  10. Be

    I’m happy to see the word being spread. Anyway at all. I watched part of it this morning on Hulu but I prefer the DVD – the bonus interviews are one of my favorite parts. And you are right – we have bought at least 4 or 5 copies so far. Preach it!

    The bonus footage was all stuff that didn’t fit neatly into the narrative of the film, but I think it’s great information. I still watch those bits.

  11. Nick

    Tom…..Keep up the Great Work! I also would love to see (and buy) a sequel. I have shared this link with all my family and friends — at least the three people that will still listen to me :>)

    I have ideas in mind, but the first film has to pay for itself first.

  12. Garth Whelan

    I just realized you’re the founder of the original twinkie diet! I wonder if that one guy stole his idea from you.

    I have no idea, although he did email me at the start of his diet to let me know what he was doing.

  13. Hector

    Do you think is possible that the documentary will appear in HBO?

    HBO turned it down two years ago. Perhaps they’ll change their minds someday, but I’m not counting on it. Based on their programming, I’d say they prefer the “corporations are evil” documentaries.

  14. Greg

    I saw Taubes’ site too. I’m glad he’s finally got one, although I wish he’d talked to you instead of Jimmy Moore for design references. Awkward animated graphics promoting the book, a huge header with a tape measure focusing on those problematic 22″ waistlines, etc. Heh. Not to be a nitpicker, but I always wonder when I see amateurish/poorly-designed pages promoting low carb (Gary’s new site, low-res artifact-y graphics and huge buttons on the Nutrition & Metabolism page, etc.), if people are going to dismiss them based on that, unfair as that might be. Presentation is important, so it seems odd for a major writer with a mainstream publisher to have a page that looks like a Geocities homepage from 1999.

  15. Lynn D.

    I was so thrilled to see your movie on Hulu! I had been wanting to watch it but, like others said, it was not available on Netflix. Perhaps people are buying the used dvds through them or just not sending them back after renting them. Anyway, I enjoyed it so much (and watched it with my 13yr old daughter who also enjoyed it) that I posted the hulu link on Facebook and ordered the dvd so I can show my mom and aunt the movie.

    Thank you.

  16. Jenny

    Thank you for the link! I’m going to send it to my statin-loving family who apparently are ignoring all the stuffy articles I’m sending them. Maybe they’ll be swayed by that happy, animated cholesterol!

    Let’s hope.

  17. Scott M

    Good news, but I wish the film had been just Part II. Part I felt too much like a Libertarian Rant, and Fast Food boosterism. I think Spurlock deserved to be taken to task–but Part I left me, uh, with a bad taste in my mouth…

    Part II however, should be seen by everyone. I’m thinking of telling my family to tune into Hulu and skip to “the good stuff”.

    Tom, I think you and I must be neighbors–much of your film was shot in Burbank. I’ll look for you next time I drive by McDonald’s on Olive Ave! 😉

    If I were starting the project again today, the Spurlock angle would be much shorter, and diet angle would be longer. (The film went in the can more than two years ago.)

    We moved from Burbank to Tennessee last summer. But you spotted the locations correctly.

  18. Jenny

    Yay! Dad said this was more convincing than anything I’ve sent him so far on why he should get off statins! He is not a fan of CSPI nor George McGovern (I grew up in South Dakota), so that gives you bonus points. Sounds like Mom might be getting the DVD for Xmas. Let’s all repeat together “Statins are of no benefit to women of any age.” Thanks!

    Tell your mom and dad Merry Christmas for me.

  19. karen

    Hi any idea when the dvd will be available in the uk or shown on tv here.
    Would be happy to get from i tunes as well.
    There is a channell called more4 in uk that shows lots of good documentaries-would be good to see this reach a wider audience – just watched your big fat fiasco presentation and thought it was really interesting and accessible

    DVD should be ready to ship overseas in about 10 days.

  20. Anon.

    Every time I visited Hulu, I would always see Super Size Me listed as one of the most popular films on there. It is a great documentary, but as you’ve explained, its premise is flawed. Maybe, more people will come to realize this.

    We can hope.

  21. J S

    That’s great to hear Tom!

    On a side note I recommend that everyone with a Hulu account click the link and examine the comments. It could definitely use some in depth reviews that don’t consist of the dozens of things the author found objectionable. (Personal nutrition beliefs polluting the discourse? Never!)

    Also, the Hulu comment/review system lets one select whether or not they found a review to be helpful. Let me just say that many of the reviews are *faR* from helpful.

    Just one of the gems: This guy is a f__king idiot.

    I don’t want to appear to speak for all of us, but I mean it when I say not everyone believes “this guy is a f__king idiot.”

    Well, I always knew when the film reached a wider audience, the Spurlock fans would come out of the woodwork. I’ve had goofs making comments along the lines of “you’re a @#$%ing idiot” on YouTube for two years now, so I’m used to it.

  22. js290

    “you’re a @#$%ing idiot”… the kind of comment I’d expect from a malnourished brain…

    Certainly not an indication of razor-sharp rhetorical skills.

  23. Jason

    Tom, just caught the Hulu release. Things that make you go hmmm. Sounds a lot like my dads story. His health took a downturn after my mother passed away unexpectedly, and he was left to make his own diet, where she cooked for him before. Well, he started reading labels and believed the hype they were selling. He stopped eating eggs, butter, red meat, and pushed away fatty foods. Instead he started eating high starch, “whole grain”, and would tout his good eating habits based on the label on the box. But after 2 heart attacks, now type 2, he questions where he went wrong. He was never fat, was a star athlete and was always physical. Now he sits and sleeps, the medication tires him out. He is finally listening to his doc, and his health is improving. I don’t want to end up down that road, so the movie really did wake me up. It was amazing, and I now understand why my father’s health deteriorated. Thank you!

    I wish your dad the best and hope the film convinces him to try something besides the low-fat approach.

  24. Jason

    And I just ordered the DVD. I honesty hope I can park my dad in front of the TV long enough, with an open mind, to understand this and change some of his eating habits. He is very stubborn, but your film was very convincing. I’m still trying to help him kick his high starch diet, and maybe this is the fuel I need. I follow too easily in his genetic footsteps, being pretty thin, and thinking I can eat whatever I want, and that only obese people get heart disease. Fact is, it runs in my family, and I have to constantly remind myself that being thin doesn’t equal being healthy. I need to exercise a lot more, and eat less processed food.

    We have thin type 2 diabetics in my family. It’s good that you don’t believe being lean makes you bullet-proof.

  25. Megan

    Brought to you by Pizza Hut!?! Seriously !?! I guess Hulu has to pay the bills. That is hilarious.

    That’s funny. The first time I checked, it was brought to you by REI, an outdoors-hiking-biking store.

  26. eddie watts

    will you announce the day fathead becomes available to uk?
    been waiting or this for a while now and it might just make it onto my present list

    Yes, it will be any day.

  27. stan

    Great documentary! I just noticed, did you write the description of the movie yourself? “He’d show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries” sounds odd and a bit misleading because you avoided high-carb stuff like fries from most of your fast-food diet, didn’t you?

    Nope, someone else wrote it. Not sure if it was Hulu or the company that placed it with Hulu.

  28. JEFF

    OUTSTANDING! Great job Tom!

    Good to see that everybody that fell into this BS Gov. experiment, has a way to go other than what we have been doing!

    Thank you, Jeff.

  29. cicero

    No captions or subtitles 🙁

    in the future perhaps?

    No plans at this time. It’s a self-funded film and that’s an expensive process.


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