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Other than the time it took to watch my Titans lose to the Chargers, then accompany the girls on their quest for Halloween candy, I spent most of the weekend tweaking the video of the “Big Fat Fiasco” speech.  My wife designed a menu and a DVD label, I burned some samples and tested them, figured out what it actually costs to create, package and mail a DVD, etc.

I am of course flattered that people would ask for the chance to buy a DVD copy of a speech that’s available online.  As you can see from the sidebar at to the right, the DVD is now ready to go, with a Pay-Pal enabled purchase page.  (You aren’t required to have a PayPal account; they take credit-card purchases as well.)  The DVD is $13 with flat-rate shipping of $3 to the U.S. or $5 overseas.  Rather than complicate things, we’ll apply the same shipping cost even if you order multiple copies … sort of a volume discount.

Again, thanks for the many comments on the speech.  I hope my DVD burner is busy for awhile.


21 thoughts on “‘Big Fat Fiasco’ on DVD

  1. Dave Wilson

    404 Website not found.

    I’ll try again later.

    Weird, it works for me. I’ll try something else … looks like I needed the full path, not a relative path. Should work now.

  2. Dave Wilson

    Ooh, sorry to spam you with comments, but I hope you were able to shoehorn the Q&A session onto the DVD.

    The tape in the camera ran out right after Q & A began.

  3. Amy Dungan

    Fantastic! I’m going to order several copies (next payday) and hand them out!

    Well, you and John could drive over to pick them and make a visit of it, but I’ll mail them if you prefer.

  4. Stephen Brand

    I loved the YouTube clips. Can’t wait to watch the whole thing uninterrupted. Bought multiple copies for my friends and family! Thanks, Tom.

    Thank you, Stephen. I’m burning away.

  5. Jo

    Wow you are such an entrepreneur! May I suggest putting a few quotes from this blog about the speech on the page where you are selling the DVD? Just a thought. You have had such positive feedback already.

    That’s a good idea. Will do.

  6. Scott Moore

    Thanks for doing this. I bought one copy for me, and one to loan out to my “I’m listening to you but I’m still not quite convinced” friends, one of whom teaches nutrition at a local high school. Fingers continue to be crossed.

    We may at least cast some doubt on the nutritional dogma.

  7. Chris Bailey

    I am so glad you did this, Tom. I ordered a copy for the wife back home, and will order one for me as well (YouTube doesn’t work real well in Afghanistan if its over a minute long lol). Thanks for all you do!

    Thank you for your service, Chris.

  8. Amanda

    I watched all the youtube clips and they were genius! I’ll order the DVD – it ought to be required watching for everyone in the world involved in the health industry!
    Top job (again) Tom!

    Thank you.

  9. Tammy

    Ok got my copies (3). I got an extra copy to send to my friends in NZ, I figure it may not be too late for them. The other is for my in-laws (we’ll see what happens with this). 🙂

    Good luck.

  10. Dave Wilson

    Wow, mine just arrived. You are far more on-the-ball than I, Tom. Awesomesauce!

    Glad to know the post office was on the ball, too. I took a LOT of DVD packages in there.

  11. Dan

    Just watched the series on YouTube and ordered my first copy. I say “my first copy” because, as with Fat Head, I’m sure I’ll loan it to someone who’ll loan it to someone else…

    Thanks Tom, Great job!

    Thank you for ordering. I’m cranking ’em out.

  12. Rocky

    I just ordered one and can’t wait for it to arrive. As much as I love Fat Head, I think the presentation may be more approachable for some of my friends and family who want to jump right into the meat of the subject.

    It’s definitely more focused on the nutrition angle. If I made Fat Head II, it would be all nutrition and health, never mind Spurlock.

  13. Debbie

    Great set of videos. I ordered my DVD and look forward to seeing it uninterrupted. Too bad about the Q&A though. That’s always a fave of mine.

    The limits of a one-man camera crew/performer.

  14. Torstein

    Hi there Tom, just great work you do.

    I was getting close to 200kgs (440 pounds) and an very early grave before getting into low-carb. Now am down 25 kgs (55 pounds) already without even thinking much about it!

    My Q. is there’s any chance of making an ISO in PAL format for us Euros?


    I was wondering about that. From what I’ve read, most DVD players sold in PAL countries will play NTSC-formatted DVDs. (I certainly hope so, since we had some orders from the U.K.) If I’m wrong on that, somebody let me know.

    Congratulations on the weight loss.

  15. gallier2

    My copy of the fathead DVD (from the first batch) works flawlessly here in France (on the border to Luxemburg where we can get a lot of Region 1 DVDs). But I tried it only on dirt cheap noname players, I can imagine that brand models will be more picky concerning DRM and region code bullshit. To make it clear the content of a DVD is neither in PAL nor in NTSC, the pure MPEG-2 stream doesn’t encode that, but the secondary encoding information, like the picture frequencies and number of lines are chosen to match the standards (60Hz in US, 50Hz in Europe etc). The decoder chips are able to handle all these formats.

    That’s what I had read before. We’re going to find a way to distribute Fat Head DVDs outside the U.S., and I wanted to be sure we only need one format. We’ll encode it for all regions, as I did with the speech DVD. Thanks for the info.

  16. R Dunn

    Well. I just ordered the “BIg Fat Fiasco” dvd and was wondering when you’ll be stopping by to drop it off – morning or evening? Just so I know when to be around.

    I can’t believe you would come this far for 3 measely bucks.

    I’m not a morning guy, so look for me sometime in the late afternoon.

  17. Torstein

    Thanks for the details PAL vs. NTSC.

    The reason I asked was that when trying to play the DVD “MyBigFatDiet” I bought from mybigfatdiet.net (its about a native canadian town going food native i.e. lowcarb), it failed on 2 different HQplayers (the laser started summing and clicking) until I extracted the DVD as a file and streamed it from my mediabox.

    As mentioned maybe due to region-restriction or similar (I am in Norway).


    That could be it. (My Big Fat Diet is an excellent documentary. I have a copy.) As far as I know, the speech DVD seems to be working for everyone, and it was burned as NTSC.


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