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I presented my speech and believe it went well.  There were tornado warnings in the area and I was worried people would elect to stay home, but 20 showed up; the library staff told us a typical turnout for their speakers is 10 or 12, so I guess we’d call it a good house. 

I’ll review the tape tomorrow and see if I can get it on YouTube.  If the slides don’t show well in the video, I may try to cut them into the picture with Premiere, then upload it.

But for now, it’s time for a glass of wine and some R & R.


20 thoughts on “Gave the Speech

  1. Brian Mallard

    Oh tornado … for a minute I thought you wrote tomato warnings which generally means a tough crowd.

    I worked a few comedy clubs where there were tomato warnings.

  2. Ray - Pure Spontaneity

    I hope to see the video soon. Did you have any Q&A at the end? What kind of crowd was there? People that kind of knew what you would be talking about or people who show up to all speeches at the library? FWIW, if you ever want to come speak in south GA I’ll stop by and listen.

    We had Q&A afterwards. I didn’t count, but my wife said the head count was 20.

  3. Tammy

    Tom – Sounds like it well can’t wait to see it online !! I hope we can see the Q&A part also?

    I’ll include that as well.

  4. Russ Hutto

    Looking forward to seeing the vid. Would love to show it to all my CrossFit friends as well. There’s a bunch of us who are eating more “primal” and it’s starting to show! I’ve worked out pretty intensely for the last few years, but just cleaned up by diet about 4 months ago. No real results until then. Now I’m 25 lbs down and feeling great. Haven’t had bread, buns, refined grains, (or any for that matter, except for just one or two planned splurges) in the last 4 months. Makes a huge difference! Of course, I’ve gotten flack for it too! But the people who are “concerned” about my diet are fat, sick, and grumpy. Ha! Keep up the good work!

  5. Greg

    Glad it went well and that you weren’t swept up and deposited in Oz. An unsolicited two cents regarding the wisdom of making your talks available online: it hasn’t seemed to have hurt Gary Taubes in getting lecture gigs. I think there’s probably something to be said for the idea of videos functioning as a commercial or demo of what you do, rather than taking away interest. The video promotes the live talks in this way of thinking, rather than replacing them. And it’s not like someone who wants a live speaker is likely to instead play an internet video (and they’d have a lot to choose from even if you didn’t leave yours online, after all).

  6. Gisela

    Wow, that cow diagram doesn’t even mention leather goods, while emery boards, adhesives, and wallpaper get listed at least 3 times each! Who knew??

  7. Hilary Kyro

    I too am giddy about seeing the lecture, thanks Tom!
    That cow product illustration is a hoot. Delicately left out of the picture is the urine, placenta and bollocks…no doubt also essential to creating our hoard of emery boards.
    I would have guessed the artificial eggs I had at Denny’s were made from expired eggs, senior citizens and stale-dated Tums, not bovine blood. I suppose if cows eat enough Round-Up Ready corn they bleed yellow dye #2. Isn’t nature convenient when hard science and refiners play a helping hand?
    Tom, did anyone come to the library to lecture you? Where refreshments expected as served in your Fat Head poster?

    No one lectured me. We forgot to put out bologna slices for the audience.

  8. DiscoStew

    Great seminar Tom. I watched parts 1, 2, 4, & 5 but didn’t see, couldn’t find part 3.

    Part 3 exceeded the YouTube time limit. I had to re-edit and re-upload. Should be there now.

  9. Water So Blue

    We really enjoyed the talk! The weather was daunting. I don’t mind tornado warnings during the day, but after dark….

    When those tornado-warning alarms go off at night in Franklin, it is pretty intimidating.

  10. Anne

    Great talk and thanks for posting. I am one of those people with a cholesterol under 200 who got heart disease. Doing great with my low carb/high fat diet.

    Here’s to your continued good health. So much for the cholesterol theory, eh?

  11. Annika

    20 people??? You are an awesome celebrity with his very own hit movie! How is it possible that only 20 people showed up? I’m watching Part 2 now. Very well done – I wish I had been there in person!

    Thousands of readers, yes, but none who live nearby as far as I can tell.


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