I have a live run-through of the speech on Friday, and I still have a LOT of slides to produce.  Consequently, I’ve been slow to respond to comments, and I doubt I’ll have a post ready for Thursday night.

For those of you who asked, yes, I’ll try to videotape the speech.  Most likely I’ll upload it for a couple of weeks so the blog readers can watch, then take it down.  I’m doing this partly to (I hope) get more paid speaking gigs, and I’m not sure giving the product away for free in perpetuity is a good idea.  But I certainly want everyone who reads the blog to have a chance to see it.

If any readers lived in the area, I would probably know already, but just in case:

October 26, 6:30 PM
Williamson County Library
1314 Columbia Ave.
Franklin, TN

Back to the slides …

15 Responses to “Crunch Time”
  1. I look forward to seeing it online. If you ever speak in The Valley, I’ll come see you. 😉

  2. Tammy says:

    Likewise, we’re in the Washington DC Metro and would love to see you speak in person !!

  3. Yay! Can’t wait to see it online.


  4. Anand Srivastava says:

    Its not like you will do the same thing every time. There will be different crowds and different questions.

  5. John hunter says:

    Can’t to see it. Good luck and a big thanks for thinking of us!

  6. Todd says:

    Discover Magazine’s article “Reckless Medicine” is now online for public viewing.


  7. Water So Blue says:

    Hope to see you there. We’re bringing a friend who’s been dieting and seems interested in what we have to say about low carb, sat fat, etc.

  8. New Zealand 😀
    Hope it goes great, can’t wait to see the vid. Thanks for thinking of those of us who can’t come along on the night (can’t see a big enough lotto win happening for me this weekend – but if it does…)

  9. lovelylentilla says:

    Sorry! That was for Jimmy’s blog. Hi anyway! You’re very cool!

  10. Amy Dungan says:

    Can’t wait to see it Tom. I know you’ll do great! If we didn’t have so much going on right now we’d drive down to see it in person.

  11. Chris says:

    With slides less is more. This from a professional speaker with 2100+ seminars under his belt. Tendency is to overproduce and overwhelm audience. Make your three main points and drive those home. My two cents.

  12. Willa Jean says:

    Knock ’em dead, Tom. So to speak.

  13. TonyNZ says:

    Good luck, I suspect you’ll be going on about now.

    Recently, this saga has unfolded on a New Zealand blog site, which I found to be an intriguing read (comments-wise).

    Synopsis: A weight-loss writer who is following a reduced (but by no means low) carb diet posts a recipe for pastryless bacon and egg pies that eats and loses weight on. What follows is a barrage of comments lambasting her for advocating bacon and full fat milk, propting a reply blog.

    I imagine there are some regulars from here in the comments? (I’m not, caught up with it too late to be relevant).

    Anyway, here’s some links.

  14. How did it go Tom? In Kiwi-land it’s Wed 27th at 3.43pm as I post, so you must have just finished. Hopefully you are having a celebratory snifter of something.

    I felt good giving it. I’ll review the tape tomorrow.

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