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Google Alerts brought me another positive review of Fat Head today.  Apparently, somebody with a link to Amazon has been using a review that was translated from English to another language then back again.

Hey, good press is good press …

“Elephantine Head” is simultaneously a send-up of Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me” and an expose’ on the status of nutrition “science”. Using humor and Pythonesque cartoons, Tom Naughton does a beneficial job of tipping many sacred cows on the topic of nutrition, showing how the government, media, and special interests combined to yield the new situation: people are eating what’s supposedly “healthy”, yet are developing metabolic diseases like diabetes at an alarming and increasing rate.

The core premise of the movie is to revisit “Supersize Me”, where Spurlock supposedly showed the evils of like a flash food by eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month. Spurlock gained 25 pounds, was issued a variety of dire health warnings by his doctor, etc. Naughton turns this understanding on it’s head: he also ate only fleet food for a month, but mature his “functioning brain”. Rather than honest blindly eating whatever was available, he avoided those foods which science has shown contribute to metabolic problems like obesity, including sodas, french fries, too powerful bread, etc.

The result? Eating nothing but double Titanic Macs and the like, he lost over 12 pounds in 28 days and his cholesterol went down. The expression on his doctor’s face alone is worth the ticket of the DVD.

“Beefy Head” is very laughable and discusses the science of chubby salvage and loss in an manner which is easily understood. My kids (8 and 4) watched it with me, and they “got it”. Glean a copy and section it with your friends and family.

This movie is silly and captivating and amazingly informative. It has so many pieces of useful advice that it’s hard to derive them all. Furthermore, it passes along this information in a method that got my wife’s attention in a device that I hadn’t been able to.

A year and a half ago I was 35 pounds overweight. I ate like the standard American. I finally decided to do something about it so I did some research on the Internet, trying to focus on the science-based research. Following the advice that I found, I lost that weight in 4 months and have kept it off ever since by continuing to follow the advice. This movie captured the basic concept of all that research: extreme tubby is awful for you, shameful cholesterol is worse than high cholesterol for most people, don’t eat high carb food.

He does the best job I’ve ever seen at disproving the lipid hypothesis which nearly every doctor and media outlet promote: 1) Eating high rotund foods give you high cholesterol. 2) High cholesterol leads to heart disease. Well, he makes it really sure that both of these statements are erroneous. It’s gruesome to anyone who has been fed these lines (lies) for year. He explains all of this in a simplified manner that is within come of everyone.

The other points that he manufacture extremely well portray to what it is that actually does cause heart disease and what we should do and eat in order to minimize our risk of getting it. Again, he’s droll and informative. It’s hard to gain that this combination can exist when talking about nutrition, but he does it.

I added this to my library so that I can heartily recommend it to my family and friends. I read (and loved) “Protein Power” by Eades & Eades, “Splendid Calories, Dreadful Calories” by Taubes, and the “Tremendous Cholesterol Con” by Kendrick but not everyone is going to utilize the time and pain to glean through these books. However, this movie presents the highlights of these books in 100 easy-to-watch minutes. If you are intrigued after watching this movie, then I highly recommend those books. And if you were not intrigued, then you weren’t paying attention.


24 thoughts on “Another Positive Review

  1. JoAnn

    Hilarious! If I knew you personally this would be a goldmine for nicknames.

    You can call me ‘Elephantine Head’ if you want.

  2. Scott Moore

    So I’m reading this, happy as a clam, and then I realized something…the last 2/3 of that is (or was, before being multiply-translated) my review! I’m now even more semi-famous than I was before! Woo hoo!

    I of course appreciate the original review. Keep recommending Beefy Head to your friends.

  3. Amy Dungan

    This is a hoot! You gotta love translations. I think I should call you Beefy.

    You do such a great job of battling the chubby while enjoying Titanic Macs and manufacturing points we should all be sure to section out to our friends. With the help of Elephantine Head we can overcome extreme tubby! Down with the all powerful bread! 🙂

    You manufactured several good points.

  4. Bruce

    It reminds me of playing the “Babelfish Operator” game. Take any phrase or saying. Put it into Babelfish, translate it to a language of your choice. Now translate it back to English. Take the new phrase and translate it into a different language, and back to English. Hours of fun! Or what the game can also be called… “Things to do on a slow day, so the boss actually thinks you are working”

    Google translator must come in handy for that. I work for myself, so when I’m goofing off, the boss always knows.

  5. Be

    I don’t feel so badly about my typos anymore!

    Maybe he saw the X rated version. I don’t remember seeing something that would get “my wife’s attention in a device that I hadn’t been able to.” Kinky!

    Apparently I have more of an effect on women than I thought.

  6. Jan

    I dunno – I’m still awfully fond of Pudgy Head from the last review.

    We haven’t had a Titanic Mac in months, though, thanks to Elephantine/Beef Head and Splendid Calories, Dreadful Calories.

    If I recall, Splendid Calories, Dreadful Calories is the book with too powerful bread on the cover.

  7. Caitlin

    I about shared my coconut-anointed coffee with the computer screen over the “wife’s attention” line.

    I’m pleased I helped him get his wife into a device.

  8. Hilary Kyro

    The Science of Chubby Salvage will be our salivation! Hearty thanks and congratulations Hippo Hypothalamus! No more junk in the elephantine trunk. I’m so full of splendid calories that it’s giggling understanding and remembrances for zookeepers, intimate athletic companions, loafers and porcine primates alike. I get it! Hulk Head, you go boldly to my neurogenesis. The attention-worthy intrigue of your blog environment is fishy and floats my boat the best.

    Perhaps Yale will create a Department of Chubby Salvage and put Kelly Brownell in charge.

  9. Nancy M.

    Since it’s “Talk Like a Pirate day” I think you should run the review through the pirate translator. 🙂

    Ahoy, “elephantine Head” is simultaneously a send-up o’ Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me” and an expose’ on the status o’ nutrition “science”. Usin’ humor and Pythonesque cartoons, Tom Naughton does a beneficial job o’ tippin’ many sacred cows on the topic o’ nutrition, showin’ how the shanty men, media, and special intarsts combined t’ yield the new situation: people be eatin’ what’s supposedly “healthy”, yet be de’elopin’ metabolic diseases like diabetes at an alarmin’ and increasin’ rate. Aye, me parrot concurs.

    Avast, ye scurvy re-sarchers! AAARGH!

  10. gallier2

    But be careful if you publish google-translated text, the text belongs to google and can sue your ass off if they please so.


  11. Jo

    Slightly off topic, but I was wondering if you were prepared for ‘Hug a Vegetarian’ Day on the 24th. LOL. They have a new t-shirt out that says ‘Tofu makes me so-so happy’. Look out for a bunch of loved up vege’s swinging signs saying ‘Hug me – I’m vegan’

    If I spot any I’ll hug them, if only to hear them yell, “Stop! My bones are breaking!”

  12. monasmee

    People say I’m playing games but I say I’m a lipid skull just doesn’t seem to work.

    Get Martin Blasick on the phone. We need to record that version.

  13. Dana Carpender

    I can’t decide whether I like “Elephantine Head” or “Beefy Head” better. But now I want to read “Splendid Calories, Dreadful Calories.”

    I like Beefy Head. It implies a sort of brute intelligence.

  14. Jeremy

    I don’t know where Beefy Head and Elephantine head come from, but many of the other terms make it seem like this article was translated to Chinese and back again (manufactured, gigantic, etc), although the quality seems too high for that to be true.

    Hard to tell. I saw a similar review in which the film was titled Chubby Head.

  15. Laurie D.

    Fleet food sounds like government speak to make fast food sound better. I think you should change the movie name to Elephantine Head. Then Netflix would list your movie under Horror. Think of all the Netflix rentals you would pick up!

    That might work. Netflix carried it for awhile but seems to have let it go.

  16. Andrea

    This review is hilarious.

    Hey, I don’t know if you’ve seen this article yet, but I hope you read it – it’s a previous proponent of veganism who has ‘seen the light’. I’d love to see your take on this, both from an environmental and from a dietary perspective.

    here is a link to the article for your perusal:


    I did see it. I may write a post about it.

  17. Sarah

    Corpulent Head, the movie.

    I dunno… seems to be lacking something…

    How about a sequel? Corpulent Head II … this time it’s personal.

  18. Ramona Denton

    So THAT’s where the beef is…

    Did you really eat only fleet food for a month?? Maybe you cut that part out of my version… I thought FLEET was a, well, an enema.

    You’re so droll and informative, and silly and captiviating, that you can probably gain that combination on a dreadful-calorie, high-rotund foods diet, composed mainly of ever-sinking Titanic Macs…

    If I adopt that diet, I’ll manufacture several points for a post on the results.

  19. Adam

    Hey Tom.

    Are there any plans to make it available on iTunes? People in Asia like me are having a hard time getting a copy of your movie.

    I’ve watched almost every other food documentary movie on iTunes not cos I really want to, but cos they’re easily available.

    I’m waiting for the day to come where I can sit my whole family down to watch it projected from my computer.


    I’ve been pushing my international distributor to releaese the film on iTunes. Frankly, they’ve been a huge disappointment. At some point, if they don’t get it done I’ll be looking to take back the rights and do it myself.

  20. Hilary Kyro

    Kelly Brownell is all blubber, he obviously takes obesity research very very personally. He has spent his career proving advertising causes obesity…yet rats on a pile of junk food will eat the Cheetohs even though rats are not likely emotionally attached to Chester Cheetah. The rats had perfectly nutritious dry kibble available and they selected Snickers and became obese. It proves all mammals must be limited in access to Temptations and Skittles commercials…or be demanded to press a button with your nose more times for your sweet reward.
    I’m resigning from this cruel experiment. I don’t give a warm bag of Skittles skitters who or what army economically suffers from my choice to eat meat and not wheat.

    Well said.

  21. Sharon

    My husband and I just watched your video last night (ordered it from Amazon). We both loved it and the humor reinforced what we’ve been reading and practicing for several months. A few moments into the show, we both said, “McNeese!!” Did you go to school there? We’re in Opelousas, LA and loved seeing a home-state T … second time we saw your shirt, my husband said, “Yep! Cowboys! That’s McNeese!” Thank you for a great film.

    I wasn’t even sure where McNeese was. The temperature plummeted during one of my evening walks, I was still two miles from home, so I ducked into a KMart and bought the shirt to add another layer.


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