Maybe I should move to New Zealand.  Fat Head will be airing again this weekend.  The listing is here.

Set those DVRs …

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  1. Jo says:

    HI – I have let my family in NZ know and told them they have to watch it!! I don’t think we can get it in the UK here sadly, but I have seen bits of it on YouTube. Love it.

    I hope we can get it across the pond eventually. Apparently there’s been some interest in other European countries, possible DVD deals and such, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Judith B says:

    You have a growing fan-base in New Zealand, Tom!

    Between that and the grass-fed cows, I’m thinking I may be in the wrong country.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hello from NZ, yes your film is airing again, and you have quite a following on the Trade Me (an on-line selling site like EBay) message boards at the moment. That was how I was directed to your website and it has been very informative and eye opening! I am now on a personal mission to get as many people as possible to at least view FatHead to come to their own conclusions!

    Strange how we get all these showings outside of the U.S., and not a nibble from the American TV market yet. But I’ll take all the kiwi fans I can get.

  4. Auntie M says:

    Did you see this?

    Oh, boy.

    Can’t help it … I’m laughing here.

  5. According to the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Jouranl, “New Zealand’s economic freedom score is 82.1, making its economy the 4th freest in the 2010 Index [among the Asia-Pacific countries].”

    Not sure where they stand on gun rights, but that might be a problem.


    Yup, and the U.S. has dropped to 8th place. I don’t know if that’s before or after the health-care bill. According to Wiki:

    New Zealand’s gun laws are notably more liberal than other countries in the Pacific, focusing mainly on vetting firearm owners, rather than registering firearms or banning certain types of firearms.

    But someone who lives there could probably tell us a lot more. I’ve never owned a gun other than a BB gun as a child (and no, I didn’t shoot anyone’s eye out), so it’s not at the top of my priority list.

  6. MikeC says:

    When I saw the headline, I assumed you’d gotten fed up with the US entirely and were thinking of relocating. You already made the jump from the People’s Republic of CA to TN, so that’s a step in the right direction. I may be relocating from NH to TX for similar reasons, though for now, NH still has no general sales or income taxes. They keep adding to the list of “specific items” that are subject to the special taxes, though. It’s frustrating and sad.

    What would happen if people simply started evacuating the states that can’t manage their money, and moving in droves to the income-tax-free states?

    That’s already happening. California has lost close to a million jobs in the past several years, thanks to employers bolting for states that don’t treat them like magical ATM machines. Nissan and Lennox both left CA for TN. Nissan left before the housing crash, and I’m told quite a few of the employees sold their California homes near the peak of the market, then came here and bought new homes without a mortgage; they just wrote a check. How’s that for fortunate timing?

    TN funds much of the state’s operations through a sales tax, which I prefer because if they want to raise taxes, they have to raise them on everyone. That imposes fiscal discipline, and perhaps more importantly, it avoids the temptation among politicians to buy votes by promising 90% of the voters more goodies that will be paid for by the other 10%.

  7. Tom Naughton says:

    I noticed the film runs 2 hours on Kiwi TV. It’s 1:40 on the DVD. Do any of the kiwis in the crowd know if that channel runs commercials? If so, I hope they don’t bother running any for lowfat foods or statin drugs.

  8. Terry O'Carroll says:

    Nuts, when are they going to show it on AUSTRALIAN TV goddammit? Sheesh, I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and order it from Amazon.

    Our distributors are still working on it.

  9. Lynda says:

    I’ve been busy directing people to this tonight!! I’ve put a few messages on “TradeMe” about this and also on my private blog. Hopefully a few more converts after they see it!!

    We welcome all converts.

  10. Chris says:

    yeah, they have commercials, but it’s just to make it up to the two hours, and are usually of other programs across the Sky channels

  11. Annette Huang says:

    I’m watching as I type – it’s now 8 pm on Sunday night 28/3.

    It’s showing on our Sky Documentary channel which is a pay channel with no advertisements.

  12. Annette Huang says:

    … except for promos for coming programmes.

  13. Neil says:

    Hmm – that doco has just finished running here and I only watched it by accident. Well done, lots of food for thought 🙂 Yes it did run for 2 hours, but the ads were just fillers for other programmes. I’ll be down to KFC now without guilt.

    I was kind of hoping the extra time was filled with interviews from the bonus tracks I included on the DVD.

  14. Lynda says:

    Hi Tom – in answer to your comment about the running time – they only run adverts for upcoming documentaries. They don’t actually advertise products on our documentary channel.

    Roughly half the commercials I see nowadays on U.S. TV seem to be for prescription drugs … “Ask your doctor about Ruinex!” I was wondering if any of those would show up, just like cholesterol-lowering ads show up in my Google spots.

  15. Judith B says:

    No commercials on the Documentary Channel, Tom, but lots of promos for other programs. The promos get very tedious after a while but at least they aren’t trying to get you to buy anything. I always record everything I want to watch so I can fast forward through the commercials and promos.

    That’s why I love my TiVo.

  16. Karen says:

    It ran on the documentary channel and I just watched it. I don’t think there were ads but cannot say this with 100% certainty as when ads come on, I mute the TV and do other things. From what little I noticed, they just advertised other documentaries.
    It was really interesting to me as we are a largely vegetarian family although I don’t personally object to eating meat and do so from time to time. I was interested to hear about some of the effects of a high carbohydrate and low saturated fat/protein diet. I can definitely relate to the negatives effects of such a diet. Currently my son, who is almost 15, is having a lot of trouble with fatigue and headaches. This is new over the last year or so, but he has also grown a huge amount over this time and started doing a lot of strength training and I have often wondered if he is not getting enough protein and/or fats in his diet. He is interested in the idea of including meat products but this will take some doing as his Dad is a “True Believer” and would be appalled. I plan to start cooking meat at home and will just see if he will eat it or not!
    As for the gun laws in NZ (someone had asked I believe?) – I know that you need a firearms licence to purchase a gun (and perhaps the ammunition?). I also know that you cannot own automatic or semi-automatic guns in NZ, but that is the sum total of my knowledge on that matter! I really have no interest in guns, so have not paid a lot of attention. From my experience, it is not common for NZ’ers to own guns unless they live in the country or are interested in target shooting or hunting type sports.

    It is possible to go low-carb without eating meat. Drs. Eades & Eades have suggestions in their books for low-carb vegetarians.

  17. Gilly says:

    New Zealand here – programmes here are stuffed full of ads.
    Just saw the movie for the first time and couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. As a UK immigrant I am already shocked/stunned/outraged at the diet down here. Forget the 30+ food colourings that are no longer used in the UK. Pies, pasta, fries and cakes seem to be national treasures here. Type II diabetes rocketing.

    Sorry to hear that. At least the cows are grass-fed. Just have to convince more people to eat the cows and skip the cakes.

  18. Nat says:

    Hi from NZ
    I have just watched ‘Fat Head’ on our documentary pay per view channel and whilst there were ad breaks that lengthened the running time, the majority of those were advertising upcoming shows (in saying that I fast forwarded through them so wasn’t paying close attention what the content was!)

    I found your movie not only extremely informative but also highly entertaining. Thank you. Im sure most Kiwis will love it as we are a dairy and meat loving nation. You wont find a household in NZ that doesn’t have a BBQ – and we really do use them! We are also a beer and rugby loving nation, but I guess they wouldn’t have looked right in your movie?
    Thanks again.

    If I could’ve talked Ronald McDonald into playing some rugby, I definitely would have included that scene.

  19. Ailu says:

    Hey Tom, speaking of your movie, how come it’s not available on Netflix anymore? I rented it from Netflix before (I checked my history just to make sure I wasn’t somehow mistaken) but now it says “Availability: Unknown”. That’s what it says for all movies they don’t stock. Why would they carry it and then drop it? Man, I feel a tin hat episode coming on…. lol

    Not sure what’s up with that. If I log into Netflix, it’s still there. I sent an email to our distributor, asking them to check.

  20. Annikki says:

    Your comment about the economic freedom score of the US vs. the earlier comment about New Zealand’s made me interested in looking at health care and taxation there. Just a quick glance, anyways. Looks like higher income taxes and sales taxes, plus decent health care coverage by the government.

    Haven’t been there, but I DID notice in Australia during a visit that fresh veggies and fruits were vastly cheaper there than in the US – and the processed starchy, sugary crap was more expensive. We subsidize stupid things in the US.

    There are a variety of factors that go into the index, the sum of which is supposed to indicate how much freedom people have to control their own property and labor, start a business without government barriers, etc. As with any such index, it’s subject to the creators’ opinions as to which factors matter most. The index that puts the U.S. at 57th for health care, for example, gives little weight to “responsiveness” (meaning getting necessary care quickly, where we rank #1) and lots of weight to “fairness” … you can guess what that means.

  21. Fat Head aired here in NZ last night. I’m rather cross that I’ve been struggling with my weight all this time on a whole bunch of bologna and false facts. Thanks for revealing the truth about fat. Bacon for breakfast BOOYAH!

    I felt the same way once I figured it out.

  22. monasmee says:

    Netflix’s demand for Fat Head seems to be greater than their regional supplies. “Availability unknown” is just their confusing way of saying that you’re on a waiting list. However, if you call them, they’ll tell you your waiting position by phone, a feature unavailable online. My Netflix copy arrived six weeks later, from another part of the country no less.

    I wish they’d take that as a hint to buy more copies.

  23. Ailu says:

    Well in my Netflix queue, everything that is listed as “unavailable” has never come available, in the 3 years that I’ve been a member. When something is available, but has a long wait, it says “long wait”. So I’d be surprised it it is indeed available to me. I’ll call them, as you suggest.

  24. Barbara says:

    Watching the Monday rerun on the Doco Channel here…forgot about the screening last night. So much good information I’d forgotten from watching it the first time! I’m going off the bread and pastas after this!

    I’m always flattered when people tell me they watched the film more than once.

  25. Chris says:

    Bought another copy of Fat Head last week and watched it on Friday. I’ll pass this one along to a new friend of ours who is struggling with his weight.

    I was hoping you would comment on last week’s news about the need for women to exercise 7 hours a week–not to lose weight–but to gain weight more slowly. Here’s the link to the release from the Journal of American Medical Association, which was picked up by NBC Nightly News, LA Times and Chicago Tribune, etc.

    “Conclusions Among women consuming a usual diet, physical activity was associated with less weight gain only among women whose BMI was lower than 25. Women successful in maintaining normal weight and gaining fewer than 2.3 kg over 13 years averaged approximately 60 minutes a day of moderate-intensity activity throughout the study.”

    My take is that the study wasted 13 years of the researchers lives and contributed nothing unless you read between the lines. Women who eat “a usual diet” will gain weight despite exercise. That’s what the researchers don’t get.

    The real headline should have been “Normal diet will cause women to gain weight despite exercising 7 hours per week. Stop eating ‘normal’ diet and get off the treadmill.”

    Like Barbara, I saw some things on the second viewing that I had forgotten. On second review, the film makes Taubes’ work accessible to the non-scientists among us. The interviews with the Drs. Eades are invaluable and the extras extended interviews are well worth the time to watch and rewatch.

    Watching it 9 months later and having read GCBC four times, I tend to disagree that there is a genetic disposition to getting fat and think that poverty and culture (Sweet tea and grits anyone?) are what predispose people to gain weight.

    I also thought that you were blaming lack of exercise as the cause of obesity instead of seeing obesity as a disease of fat production, not one of overeating and lack of activity. Walking an hour a day may clear your head and reduce stress, but it will not cause weight loss.

    Is there anything you would do differently if you re-made the movie.

    Absolutely, I would change it around if I had the chance. And if I did, a year or two later I’d want to change it again. There’s a saying that works of art are never finished, merely abandoned.

    I do think lack of exercise has had an effect on kids, but not the walking type of exercise I highlighted in the film. The evidence I’ve seen in the past couple of years suggests that it’s the quick-burst and weight-bearing exercises that influence weight by influencing insulin sensitivity: sprints, lifting weights, etc. When I was a kid, our “exercises” involved a lot of such activity: sprinting around the bases, sprinting after a fly ball, sprinting downfield to catch a pass or tackle a runner, trudging uphill dragging a sled, climbing trees.

    The genetic disposition isn’t necessarily to be fatter, but to be thicker: thicker bones, thicker muscles. There’s a reason African-Americans dominate professional sports despite being 12% of the population. So even at the same level of body fat, they are more likely overall to reach a BMI of 30 or higher. But I also agree that poverty plays a role, since cheap food is usually carb-laden.

    I’ll check the link; haven’t seen that one.

  26. Katie says:

    My husband and I bought a copy after we couldn’t get it on Netflix. We’re now lending our copy out and are going to buy 3 more copies for relatives. We’ve been eating paleo/primal for about 6 months and are doing great. Just trying to spread the word!

    I guess Netflix is doing me a favor, whether they realize it nor not. I really wish they’d get more in stock, however.

  27. Sarah says:

    I just watched the 90 minute fructose lecture on youtube, Sugar the bitter truth? It was fascinating.

    Yeah, I posted it here too some months ago. Very informative.

  28. Rob H says:

    Hello once again Tom, I converted to low carb when your movie first aired here in NZ last year almost a year ago to the day. Start weight 105kg ish, I am now at 81-82kg and have been holding steady for months. Still working towards sub 80kg though.

    Whilst I dont personally agree with the BMI index, I am now considered to be at a normal weight with a BMI of 24!!

    Mates used to call me fat boy!! I am now referred to as Kate Moss or skinny bitch, lol. Those that havent seen me in awhile are dumbstruck with the loss.

    It would also seem I have retained all my previous mostly unseen muscle mass as well, without any structured exercise other than my physically demanding job, I have however started resistance training every 3 days to increase my fitness level and tone.

    Now that I am at a good weight I can indulge in the odd treat without any negative effects, notice I said the odd treat, important. However these days I actually prefer my own low carb treats instead usually, they are usually homemade icecream, with whipped cream and chocolate ganache made from 70% Lindt and cream, yum, yes I am a chocoholic!!! Or my low carb fudge, man that stuff is so good, simple things like that definately helped me keep going easily without “cheating”!!!

    Oh and the best thing, it has actually forced me to learn how cook properly and try lots of new things, homemade is the best!

    Thanks again Tom, I firmly believe your movie has changed my life for the better along with countless others.

    Independent Living Proof!

    Rob H

    PS: My website has all of my favourite recipes and has no commercial motive, just want to share what I have in the hope that others will help themselves.

    It makes my day to hear stories like yours, Rob. I’ve actually pulled some recipes from your site in the past. It’s been listed in the Helpful Links section for some time.

  29. Chris says:

    After watching Fat Head again (3rd time, first time to see it all, at last), I was just wanting to quote your comment about “Areas with high crime get more phone calls to the police, therefore to lower crime, stop calling the police.”
    It was along those lines, but what was it? It’s a great example of logic gone wrong.

    From my V.O. script:

    In high-crime areas, there are more calls to the police. Therefore, we can assume that calling the police produces an increase in crime. To get rid of crime, the answer is simple — stop calling the police.

  30. Matt says:

    Hey there. I watched your documentary on monday morning whilst off sick from work and found it very interesting indeed. After seeing the film and being educated on carbohydrates effects I got curious , so I went down to the local shop to see what i could buy that wasnt full of carbs. Needless to say I was Pissed off when I found almost EVERY item I looked at had more carbs than fat in them. Even full fat milk has less than 3 grams of fat per serving but 10 grams of carbohydrates. It seems to me you cant buy decent food these days it is all just full of sugar. You cant even find coconut oil or butter! Its like we’re been forced to eat no fat. I wish there was more of a choice for people who wanna try your idea but the market is just full of sugar and I cant escape it! lol

    It takes effort sometimes. When traveling with our girls, we find it’s nearly impossible to buy snacks that aren’t all sugar, except for nuts.

  31. robin fox says:

    Great movie; I saw it over christmas (in NZ)and started cutting my carbs a few weeks later after further research. I have lost 3 kgs without any real effort. I wasn’t really fat, but have just been progressively getting bigger every year while eating what I thought was a ‘healthy’ diet. I feel more energetic as well, and its nice to be in a size 10 again.
    My partner couldn’t be happier with the new diet as I now cook a mean crackling pork belly once a week, with a dessert of strawberries and cream! As a food lover, I find life much happier:)
    I came accross the following study on rats and obesity. A bit infuriating that they categorise all junk food as ‘fatty’ food. At least someone made a helpful comment on it. Read on:

    Yup, I’ve got that one bookmarked. Cheesecake and frosting apparently don’t have any sugar in them, according to this crew.

  32. Barbara says:

    Hey Tom,

    A link to an article that appeared in the Dominion Post here in Wellington today…your face was on the front page of our paper!! I got a bit excited! 😀

    She’s quite nice about it too…

    She seemed to like it overall. I’ll take the P.R.

  33. Judith B says:

    No doubt someone has alerted you already but one of our national newspapers here in NZ gave Fat Head a big spread, three column favourable review.

    It all helps to spread the word!

    Nice. We haven’t gotten many newspaper reviews.

  34. Jon says:

    I live in NZ and walked in on your doco half way through. Your arguments seem very compelling. I have susequently bought your movie as a DVD on amazon and will explore it further. Good on you for raising the issue.

    That must’ve been some expensive shipping. Thanks.

  35. Graeme Reilly says:

    Rock on Tom.Great movie easily understood.New Zealand would love to have you,plenty of grass fed meat,great butter,raw milk.
    Not everyone here eats as Gilly describes-pasta,pies and cakes.

    Have Mercy

    I’ll have to put New Zealand at the top of my to-visit list.

  36. Prue says:

    Hi Tom.
    Good review – it’s by one of NZ’s leading political journos. So well done!
    The response to this thread is really promising for some healthier people living down under!

    That’s good to know.

  37. Sonya says:

    Hi Tom – Just to let the kiwis know that Gary Taubes Good Calories Bad Calories and The Diet Delusion are the same book but titled differently. Don’t buy both books like I did. I’ll put my spare (unread book) on Trade Me for anyone who wants to buy it. I’ve been loaning my Fat Head Movie DVD out to friends – but people are soooo brainwashed that they won’t even watch the movie. A work colleague told me that she would never believe that a pork chop with 2 centimetres of fat on it would ever be healthy (she’s about 140kg and is constantly on a diet of low fat high carb – yeah – doesn’t work). I’ve given up trying to convert people so I’ll lead by example. My weight loss has stalled at 13kgs. Can you tell – is there still an element of total calories that need to play a part in weight loss??? And is the coconut cream/milk with eggs smoothie I have on alternative days to bacon and eggs the right breakfast to have?

    Keep up the great work Tom.

    You still need to create a calorie deficit and give your body a reason to burn stored fuel. The good news is, when insulin is sufficiently low, that can happen and you’re less likely to feel starved in the process.

  38. Sonya says:

    One more thing – Rob H – what’s your website mate?

  39. Rob H says:

    Hi Sonya, the link is in the Helpful Links section above.

    NZ Low Carb Info and Recipes

  40. nzgregor says:

    Hi Tom, Watched your movie sometime ago and life is very different now. Have gone from 190kg to 180kg without any type silly restrictive diet. I now exercise willingly and happily and all my bloods and cholesterol are perfect.

    I am a very healthy happy fat man (yes it is possible). So here in New Zealand we do have grass fed beef and lamb, but we also have food police the same as the USA. Have a look at this article in the New Zealand Herald and note that the New Zealand Heart Association is opposing the mandatory labeling of trans fats.

  41. nzgregor says:

    woops wrong link

    The other one is about the sugar addicted rats.

    Here’s the most interesting quote from the Heart Foundation:

    “The real risk is from saturated fats found in animal products and other rich, fatty meats, milk and milk products.”

    I guess the ignorance is nearly world-wide.

  42. Prue says:

    Hi Tom. Our NZ low carb website is now up and running. It includes a forum called The Cafe.
    Everyone’s welcome. Lots of mention of Fat Head too of course!

    Very nice. I’ll add a link.

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